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Our main business is providing Consulting Services to Companies who wish to reduce energy costs and increase air purification for their business. We then found that we could provide additional maintenance services as well. We began with a complete HVAC maintenance program along with janitorial services.  

We decided to offer these services to the Federal Government since they solicit these services each and every day.  We are  committed 100% to providing top level services and to become a reliable source for all government agencies.


Thomas P Bloss

My background has been primarily in the Financial and Medical services industries.  I previously managed procuring Federal Contracts back in 1980's and 1990's providing Medical staffing for the Space Shuttle program.  We provided the necessary medical personnel required for the Shuttle landings. At each landing there was tremendous amount of government officials, media and military personnel in attendance which required medical services to be available on site..

I then moved into the communications arena heading up several Advertising agencies who were in the Pharmaceutical and Medical field.  

For the past ten years I've been involved in an HVAC installation and maintenance company specializing in the commercial market.  Four years ago we started 777 Consulting which focused in providing companies options for air purification and energy savings. This lended itself to also offering  HVAC maintenance and Janitorial Services to these same clients.  Since then we thrived in both markets and would like to offer those same services to the Federal Government throughout the country.

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What’s Being Said


777 Consulting recommended HVAC solutions which not only saved our company money but also enhanced the air quality for our factory workers

Zachery M


Thank you, Thank you, thank you!
777 Consulting saved my job..
Not only efficient but on time and reasonably priced!

Bonita A


777 Consulting came in and fixed a major problem caused by one of their competitors.  Can't thank them enough!

Cheryl D


777 Consulting LLC

Las Vegas, NV 89135

(702) 686-6136

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